How to Join the Advisory Subcommittee

Equal Futures members are encouraged to engage civil society and private sector stakeholders directly as they implement their country commitments. The Equal Futures Advisory Subcommittee is a mechanism to assist in doing so.  It brings together multilateral, non-governmental, private sector organizations and existing partners (UN Women and the World Bank) to assist member countries achieve their reform goals/country commitments.  In addition, the Advisory Subcommittee can help members’ work at the regional level, in order to ensure that potential regional differences and implementation challenges are taken into account. Advisory Subcommittee membership terms are for three years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. Private companies, non-governmental organization, and civil society representatives interested in being on the Advisory Subcommittee are invited to apply through using the form available here.

Applications will be reviewed based on the applicant’s demonstrated record of commitment to closing the gender gap, as well as their ability to provide technical assistance, research and resources, as appropriate.  Additional consideration will be given to private businesses demonstrating that gender considerations are an integral part of their core business strategies. This  can  take  the  form  of  advising to members based on experience or available research regarding best practices, and/or what  has  worked  in  similar  situations  and  policy  environments.

Participation in the Advisory Subcommittee is strictly on the voluntary basis and there will be no compensation.