Governance Structure

In 2015, Equal Futures established a new governance structure, which is led by the Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee consists of the past chair, current chair, and future chair of Equal Futures and representatives from regional subcommittees.  The United States is serving as the past chair of the Steering Committee, Croatia is the current chair for 2016.  Regional subcommittees are presently represented on the Steering Committee by:

  • Asia and Pacific Islands: Bangladesh
  • Europe: Croatia
  • Middle East and North Africa: Morocco
  • Latin America: Peru
  • Africa: Sierra Leone. 

The Steering Committee sets the strategic vision for Equal Futures and is working to increase the number of Equal Futures members from underrepresented regions, including Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. 

The advisory subcommittee is chaired by an Equal Futures external partner, and composed of representatives from civil society and private sector partners.