United Kingdom


The United Kingdom joined the Equal Futures Partnership in 2014. 

The UK will accelerate its work to tackle the gender pay gap, address the problem of workplace discrimination, promote female entrepreneurship, and increase in the number of women in leadership positions both in the corporate world and in other important decision making positions. They are taking action to enable girls and young women to make school and career choices that are best suited to their talents and are not affected by harmful stereotypes.  

They will work with careers professionals, businesses and women who have excelled in their fields to send the message that girls and women can be as good as boys and men whatever they chose to do. They are also working to help women with caring responsibilities start or get on with their careers. And because they recognize that older women are sometimes not valued as they should be for the skills they have to offer, they are testing possible ways to address the issues they face in that late stage of their career. 

They will also work to give women the opportunity to talk directly to policy makers in order to make their concerns heard.