In the first area of Chilean Equal Futures Partnership commitments, related to the political autonomy of women, Chile will advance in balanced participation in the political and economic decision areas, in terms of gender, in order to decrease the under-representation of women. For this purpose, legislative measures to reform the parliamentary electoral system will be adopted, which include a parity criteria establishing that, neither men nor women candidates for the parliamentary elections may exceed 60% of a party list or agreements between parties. In addition, Chile will promote reaching the end of this Government period (2017) with a 40% representation of women on the boards of public companies (with a current percentage of 24%). 

A second area of commitments, related to the economic autonomy of women, Chile will adopt policies to promote labor participation of women, with decent and quality work conditions, to address inequalities and gender gaps in this area. For this objective, a job training program, named “More Able” will be implemented to provide training for 300,000 woman, 40,000 of which will be entrepreneurships.